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"I have been working with Chandra for several years now and I absolutely love and respect her talent as a makeup artist. As a customer who does not wear makeup on the regular, I appreciate her enhancing my beauty in a refreshing and natural way. She's knowledgeable about skincare and is versatile in her work. Every time I see her, the vibes are immaculate. Her warm and sweet demeanor can make any woman feel right at home. Needless to say, I highly recommend Chandra as your go to makeup woman. You won't regret it!!!

~Mimi Martinez-King


Chandra is an amazing makeup artist! She is so down to earth and for someone who wears little to no makeup most of the time, I felt really comfortable in her chair. Chandra has executed my visions to a tee! From bridal and baby showers and even on my wedding day, she stepped up and helped in ways that I'm so grateful for. 

~Camille Horn

"It was so hard to ACTUALLY find a makeup artist who when you ask for a NATURAL BEAT, you get just that and Chan DID JUST THAT!! My makeup for my bridal shower and wedding was flawlessly beautiful. Chan was incredibly professional, timely, attentive, prepared, personable and a master of her craft. She also understands and takes amazing care of your SKIN, which we know is a must as it is the foundation in which it all is built upon. During our consultation she really took the time to understand what my desired look was and worked with me to achieve it. You can trust her to deliver, she's amazing. 11/10 would recommend!! I'd use her every single time for any given event." 

~Kandace Marshall

I had a photoshoot for my 60th birthday and wanted a makeup artist since I am a "plain Lisa" 99% of the time. Chandra was very professional along with her sweet personality. I had an awesome experience and felt amazing! Thank you so much again Chandra!

~Lisa Phifer

Chandra was so professional and friendly. I'd never had my makeup professionally done before, and was nervous, but I remember it being the calmest part of what was a midly hectic day! I didn't know getting your makeup done could feel good!  Most importantly, she made my sister the most beautiful Bride I've ever seen, and I was so grateful for that! I look forward to working with her again!

~La'Ray Trice

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